Instructional Design–What is it and why is it important for learning?

What is instructional design and what do instructional designers do? How is instructional design related to learning theories and models?

Based on my experiences, instructional design is an often misunderstood thing—a curriculum writer is not an instructional designer (although the two have been considered equivalent terms).

Instructional design is the systematic process for generating instructional materials aimed at achieving certain goals. An instructional designer wears many hats; assessor, evaluator, designer, collaborator, researcher, and learning scientist.

My interest in instructional design was fueled by a feeling that I could not explain why my students were not as passionate about science as I was, and why grades were so important to them – how could I make students realize that grades could be improved when passion was part of learning?

Through this blog, I hope to help others recognize the differences between instructional designers passionate about education, learning, teaching.

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