ID resources about UBD

As a lifetime learner, I am always investigating new resources that may be helpful to anyone interested in the systematic design of instructional materials. In 2005, Wiggins & McTighe published their “Understanding by Design” (UBD) framework for course materials development. This work was a refreshing presentation about instruction design aimed at instructors, and is one […]

Develop, Implement, Assess/Evaluate

Once elements of instruction have been designed (following analysis of the project variables), the design is transformed into physical products for implementation and evaluation. Depending on the learning goals and objectives, the products may be electronic, paper-based or some hybrid combination of both media. Once developed, the products should be tested in the learning environment. […]

Begin Designing!

A good rule of thumb I use with initial designing is to consider variables associated with the targeted audience, the goals, and content, Targeted Audience. Careful consideration of variables associated with the targeted audience is critical to the instructional project success.  A few questions—-not an exhaustive list—-to think about the targeted audience: What do they […]

FIRST—do your homework!

Instructional design is a systematic, goal-oriented process for generating instructional materials aimed at achieving explicit goals. Yet, new flashy technologies often lure instructors into technology selection before systematic design for learning. The end result is much  like a baseball player at bat, so convinced that a home-run is at hand and just fractions of a section […]