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As a lifetime learner, I am always investigating new resources that may be helpful to anyone interested in the systematic design of instructional materials. In 2005, Wiggins & McTighe published their “Understanding by Design” (UBD) framework for course materials development. This work was a refreshing presentation about instruction design aimed at instructors, and is one of the resources in my library.

The UBD book picture

UBD book

The core idea behind UBD is “assessment first” – in other words the authors recommend first clarifying what it is we want the student to be able to do after instruction. The framework is aimed at helping instructors distinguish knowledge and understanding, and use that knowledge to inform design of curriculum materials for learning.  The authors published additional materials about UBD in 2011; however, I don’t have a copy of that version. The 2005 version presents substantive information along with guidance and numerous examples for instructional materials development.

The Association for supervision and curriculum development is the publisher. Here’s a  white paper about UBD (written by framework authors) to give you an overview of UBD:

a few other notable resources that provide information about using UBD:

Happy reading!

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