Excellent Academic Writing Resource Book

picture of academic writing book

Goodson (2013)

Becoming an Academic Writer

Patricia Goodson’s new book (2013), “Becoming an Academic Write:  50 exercises for paced, productive, and powerful writing” is a great writing resource for anyone who writes for a living. Built on principles of powerful writing—Patricia structured the POWER (Promoting Outstanding Writing for Excellence in Research) model around research-based understandings for productive writing habit development.

Don’t expect to find an algorithmic, step by step approach that will automatically result in improved writing skills unless you are willing to do the work (After all, one cannot simply go to the gym for a month and expect to be fit for the rest of life—it takes work, persistence, and deliberate practice!)

You will find some great ideas and short exercises for writing, getting feedback and editing; the writing and editing exercises require 5 to 15 minutes while the feedback exercises take up to an hour to complete (feedback is a collaborative activity).

As I am continuously engaged in writing, this book is on my reference shelf — I really like the way Patricia dedicates chapters 7-11 to academic writing sections (Introduction, Methods, Results and Discussion)!

See reviews and a glimpse into the book on Amazon (http://www.amazon.com/Becoming-Academic-Writer-Exercises-Productive/dp/1452203865) with more reviews at Sage (http://www.sagepub.com/books/Book237363#tabview=reviews) and two additional resources from Sage (an article template, and a writing log—both pdfs downloadable from http://www.sagepub.com/goodson/main.htm).

Happy Writing!

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