Instructional Scaffolding

Scaffolding — Physical versus Instructional  In the physical world, scaffolding includes structures that help people do tasks that are not possible without some form of support. For example, in order to clean upper level windows on a high rise building, humans need to be physically placed in close proximity with the windows. Instructional scaffolding is […]

Excellent Academic Writing Resource Book

Becoming an Academic Writer Patricia Goodson’s new book (2013), “Becoming an Academic Write:  50 exercises for paced, productive, and powerful writing” is a great writing resource for anyone who writes for a living. Built on principles of powerful writing—Patricia structured the POWER (Promoting Outstanding Writing for Excellence in Research) model around research-based understandings for productive […]

Instructional Design–What is it and why is it important for learning?

What is instructional design and what do instructional designers do? How is instructional design related to learning theories and models? Based on my experiences, instructional design is an often misunderstood thing—a curriculum writer is not an instructional designer (although the two have been considered equivalent terms). Instructional design is the systematic process for generating instructional […]